Sunday, May 14, 2006

Inside the pressure cooker!!!

First sorry for not posting for so long. Life is suddenly changed. It has never been that hectic in life. We have term1 going on right now and there are 4 subjects
1. Financial Accounting
2. Marketing Management
3. Managerial Economics
4. Statistical methods for making decisions.

I must say one thing!!! MBA is really terning out to be a real AHA!!! experience for me. I have never been able to appreciate the concept of Statistics in my life as I am doing now. I can see statistics can be applied to almost all parts of life. In my software days I had saw defect control but never appreciated underlying philosophy.
Professor Bob Stine (who teaches statistics) is amazing.

By tomorrow morning my group needs to submit an assignment in accounts and economics and then mid terms in next weekend.

I would try to post some interesting learnings of ISB as well.
Well right now it's election time here and will cover that in next post...


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