Saturday, April 22, 2006

End of orientation

Orientation of class of 2007 ended yesterday. Numerous events we held during the week and points were given to each section. Already a sense of bonding is developing between people here.
My section (D) stood second in the final points tally. Kudos to section D people who bounced back from 5th position (out of 6).

ISB organized career perspective forum yesterday. It's an annual event held for new batch. Guests were eminent speakers in their field and it was enlightening to hear their views on what success is. Everybody had his own view of success. Hearing them was an "AHA experience" for me. Because I have been struggling to discover definition of success for me as well (Refer my post below)...

My next post would be on LDP. This is a comprehensive leadership development program at ISB...


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