Thursday, April 13, 2006

Last day at Adobe

Today is my last working day at Adobe systems. I cann't describe how I am feeling today. At one hand I am so much eagerly looking forward to ISB and on the other hand the feeling of giving up a cool life is haunting me. But I guess you have to come out of this feeling of comfort to explore the much more exciting things that are possible. ISB is definitely one place worth being. This reminds me of the book "Who moved my cheese", which I read some time back. This is a great book. You must read this book especially if you are afraid of change and think you don't want to move out of the comfortable life,that you living. (BTW. If you are interested, I can borrow you a copy of this book.)


Blogger save_trees said...

Best of luck Aloo. I'm sure you would be exceptional there as well. Going back to back is not as hard as it looks. Besides anything for better future ...

11:48 AM  

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